To create a better cycling experience for every riders. Our business idea is “to provide trustable brand, reliable product and excellence services to all the bicycle lovers”.


To provide exceptional value to our partners by working hard to exceed their expectations and provide the most reliable products and services.


SLM Bicycle – Your Trustable Cycle Hub

We focus on the customer value. Our goal is to provide the best and trustable product based on needs and deliver comprehansive service to the rider in Malaysia.

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Company Overview

SLM is a sole distributor of Supacaz, Ride 100%, Rolf Prima Wheel Systems, Abus Cycling and Atlas Sports in Malaysia.

SLM have accumulated more than 50 years experience in the Malaysia bicycle industry. With three generations of professional sportsmen deeply immersed in the cycling industry, SLM understands the market’s intricate needs. SLM combines its extensive yet wide experience, together with the professional team to provide the best customer support for the brands that it carries.


SPECIALIZED – Attack For Progress Award.

SLM has achieved the best overall performance among the whole south east south Asia in term of the excellence in the growing speed, sales, dealers and strength of the internal team.


In 2015, despite of the economy downturn, SLM Bicycle continued to strive and grow from 2 concept stores to 6 concept stores with 30 dealers in Malaysia.
The five concept stores are located at Penang, Bangsar, Petaling Jaya, Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Brunei.
By far, Specialized is a brand that has the most concept store in Malaysia market after being managed by the SLM team.



SLM history can be tracked back to 1957, when Mr. Lim began his business by setting up his first bicycle servicing shop in Penang, Malaysia.


In 2002 where it came to the 3rd generation of the family, Mr. Lim introduce his first bike shop in Penang and named it as Lim Cycle.


Lim Achieved an outstanding performance being the top sale dealer of the northern region in Malaysia when start the partnership with Merida brand.


In year 2012, Lim strove another success to grow the Specialized brand rapidly with another concept store in Penang.


In year 2017, SLM Bicycle became the only partner with Aeon Credit in Malaysia bicycle industry.


In end of year 2018, SLM Bicycle became the sole distributor of Supacaz in Malaysia.


SLM Bicycle became the cycling category distributor of Ride 100% Malaysia.


The second generation of Lim Bicycle Shop were built and operated at year 1969.


In year 2006, Lim Cycle started to carry Merida and it was the only Merida authorized dealer in Penang during that period.


In year 2009, Mr. Lim started to carry the first Specialized into the Penang market. As the brand continue growing, the second Specialized concept store in Malaysia is opened in Penang at year.


Lim successfully became sole distributor of Specialized in year 2015 and it was registers as SLM Bicycle Trading Sdn. Bhd.


SLM Bicycle became the sole distributor of Rolf Prima in Malaysia.
The high end Hand-built Cycling Wheels in Eugene, Oregon, USA.


In year 2019, SLM Bicycle became the sole distributor of Atlas Apparal in Malaysia.
The No.1 cycling apparel brand in Taiwan.


SLM Bicycle became the sole distributor of Abus Cycling Malaysia.